Windows 10 micro stuttering

I've had windows 10 for quite some time now and didn't have any problems with it. One week ago i started experiencing stuttering when i watch youtube videos and when browsing also the mouse stutters as well. Does anyone know how can i fix the problem.

I tried running sfc /scannow but it doesn't fix it.
I also disabled some of the microsoft services that use a lot of disk, and it doesn't fix it.

my specs:
I7 4970K (running at stock speed)
Strix GTX970 (slightly overclocked)
16 Gb Kingston HyperX

I'd a similar issue on a laptop of mine. Not sure if it's the same thing. For some reason the Nvidia driver messed things up. Going back to the drive windows installed initially and not the newest Nvidia experience installed fixed all stuttering for me. Probably not the same issue, but if you tried everything else you might wanna give it a go.

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NSA: "just ignore those little stutters they are nothing to be concerned about"

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hmmm thanks, i'll try it.