Windows 10 made to look like 7 + general prep help

So, I have been sitting on a 2tb nvme for since december, its suppose to be my new os drive because enough stuff is either made a pain in the butt for windows 7, or just does not work because of how I installed updates, I decided to bite the bullet for 10

i’m still on windows 7, have near 0 space on my current nvme, and have several hardware issues that do affect day to day life, should be an indication on how much I don’t want to move to 10.

I have prepped every program I need to move for the move, what can’t be prepped now and needs to be last minute ‘screenshot everything, export everything’ is left, and then my brother let me use his win 10 laptop to set up a ‘portable’ game solution. this was a few weeks ago, I hate damn near everything about windows 10 ui that they changed from 7.

so here I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to do this.

so, I install 10 with 0 internet access, this will force it to make an offline account.

few questions here, is it possible to just have windows log onto a single account and never have that splash screen for logging in? I have always hated this but i have never see windows 10 that doesn’t do this.

also, one of the first things I want to do on windows 10, after everything is set up, is play forza 7, yes, its technically not sold anymore, but you can still get working keys for the game, the problem is you need to sign into the windows store or something, will this force my account to be non local? sadly even if I got out to the seas for this installation form there requires a online log in to do that so there is no avoiding it, would be nice if I could play that game, but not to major a loss if I can’t.

from here, I 100% hate explorer in windows 10, is there any way to have it just look like windows 7?
for anyone who may not remember what it looks like, this
for what a window looks like, I absolutely despise flat design and I don’t like not having the borders around windows.

I also dont want a search bar in the taskbar, windows built in is garbage and will never be used, and on the… not sure what to call it, the area by the clock on the taskbar, is it able to always be expanded I like seeing everything that is opened there, and im on a 55 inch 4k screen, the icons being spread out is a non issue for me.

how do you get back windows 7 style startmenu

I know, it’s a bit of a mess however I never want to see windows 10’s garbage tile system

as for symbolic linking, I do this quite a lot for programs as it’s just easier to move big things around and symbolically link then it is to move them much of the time, see steam games installed on hdd that I want to move to the nvme (I use to use this when I had space) or in chrome, because I cant save outside of the download location I choose, symbolically linking other folders into it was a godsend.

and while im at it, is there anything like aero on windows 10, it’s really nice to have programs that have notifications that change color up in corners and being able to see them through is very useful for me.


what do I need to do about drivers? I can get motherboard drivers and such but if I remember with win 10 does the update automatically download newest drivers? I know there was some issues with windows installing older or newer drivers regardless of if they caused issues early on

also, how do I tell windows update to no to anything? I know I can’t stop it completely on 10, I think you can push them back for a year, I would love to do that and just install things on my terms rather than ‘welp, eff what you are doing its happening now’

The best way to mimic Windows 7 appearance and behavior is Open Shell.

I would also run O&O ShutUp10++ after you install.

Once you create an offline account, you won’t lose it.

You will always see a splash screen when you start Windows 10, but if you change your password to null (blank) you will go right to the desktop without having to log in.

Windows 10 considers driver updates to be optional installs and shouldn’t update them automatically.

Windows 10 Pro can delay or pause updates. It’s at least 35 days.


My understanding was windows was crappy about always trying to trick you into converting a local to an online account. just on an off chance, you able to confirm I can get forza 7 running without having my local converted to an online account?

and on O&O, does it actually work? I know that windows baked so much crap into the os that if you lets say set a host file to block a microsoft server it does not block it.

drivers were an issue early on with 10 where it ‘knew better then you’ I believe this was with either tablet or printer drivers, or at least was reported at the time. my way of thinking is not broke don’t fix and this was a concern given nearly every one of my computers blue screen looping has been due to windows updates.

as for cosmedics, they are a fairly major reason I didn’t bother with 10, I don’t want to hate what i’m looking at every single time I notice what I hate for upwards 18 hours a day.

as for the current drive, its a 500~gb nvme, it has about 70gb free space, the lower number is due to the page file, been dealing with this for a couple months now, but been sitting on a 2tb drive to replace it… it has hit 70kb free space before and locked the computer up… I can’t express how much I hate the idea of moving to 10 but i think this kind of illustrates what i’m willing to put up with to not use it given every time I have to use 10 on a laptop or someone else’s computer I hate every single second of it.


Well… I fixed about 20 Driver-Fuckups related to Winoof10 Updates in the past week. Then I re-ran the GPO to stop M$ from being an idiot.
The way to fix that semi-permanently is:

  1. Regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
  2. Rightclick the Windows-Folder
  3. New Key: Dword: ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate with value 1