Windows 10 login screen custom background

Windows 10 login screen has a gaudy windows logo background, many of you may know this. so like any sane person I want to change it to a custom background.

The catch I can't find a way to do it manually (and i'm not going to run some dodgy .exe) I can make the login background a solid colour but can't actually change the image. Does anyone know how this can be done?

It can be done, but it requires you to run some dodgy .exe.

eyy my man, ms didn't want you to change it. They have hidden a tracking code inside the image each time you see it it records it and sends back to ms HQ.


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Btw, one way to go about this is to send them feedback, or look at existing feedback and upvote it.

Since Windows 10 is now basically continuously work in progress, they might add the option. You had to use a registry tweak in build 10240 to change the login screen to a solid color, but they added it officially in 10586. Same for colored titlebars, the option wasn't there in the original build, but now it is. So there's a good chance they might add it if there's demand.

It can be done, though at the moment, if you want the option now, you have to edit the registry files. though as mentioned above you can't really put a picture of whatever you want right now. all you can do is put a solid color.

I'm currently using the aforementioned registry tweak to get a solid colour. but my reasoning is this if some exe can do it it can be done. I just need a place to start looking.

@Syanide, Feedback is just what they want you to do... although yer probably right seems like a good interim measure.