Windows 10 Licensing

So I know you can upgrade from a windows 7/8/8.1 install to Windows 10 for free but is it possible to install windows 10 from an iso to a machine and activate it with a windows 7/8/8.1 license key? I know I can always go the long way around if you can't do that.

Good question, I'd like to that if possible.

I'm assuming downloads for ISOs will be available. I hope the existing 7/8.1 key is just migrated to a Win10 key.

Once installed you can create a recovery disk (unless they removed it). Perhaps you could use this as an installation medium. I'm not for sure though

Refer to this thread.

Everything you may want to know is in this thread.

His question isn't?

Yeah it is. I posted the licensing stuff on the thread.

I suspect that Microsoft will issue a new product key when Windows 10 is activated and either let you download the iso in a similar way to the Windows 7 Software Recovery page or lets you create installation media as you can with Windows 8 by using the software described on this page.