Windows 10 "it's taking longer than usual"

"it's taking longer than usual"

Started the update to windows 10 last night, everything was going smoothly through the normal processes, then it got stuck on the final stage and came up with this message it's taking longer than usual, but should be done soon" or words to that effect, I left it for a few hours, still on that screen, I noticed the blue colour had stopped pulsing in the background. I presumed it musted have crashed or something had gone wrong, and seeing as all my personal data is on a separate WD Blue from my operating system (so would be safe) on my SSD I decided to turn it off (holding power for 10 seconds) upon restarting it took me to the windows 10 login screen! hazaar I thought it is loaded and fine! I logged in, but then it took me back tot the last process, this was about 10pm and once again it got stuck on the same it's taking longer than usual message, I left it all night!

got up at 7:45am and it is still on that screen! the colour is still pulsing in the background so it doesn't seem to have crashed like before (presuming last time it had although maybe it hadn't tbh)

I am at work now, but what should I do if when I get back its still on that screen? I know some peopel have said it took hours, but im slightly worried that on a gaming system with OS on SSD for it to take so long!

I believe this stage it is at is for installing apps and final bits and bobs..?

is there a series of key presses I can do to abort the install and take me back to windows 7 i had before with all data I had?


the last stage is downloading and installing updates, and drivers, do you have a slow internet connection?

for comparison my ssd system took like 45 minutes(of actually update process) (upgraded from win 7) if i didn't have the reboot and missing grub issue.

I don't think that would slow it down. it shouldn't take that long i know my work pc took like an hour to do it with at 30Mbps connection.

I am not sure how but you might want to try to do a rollback and then retry the update if it still is not done when you get home.( unless someone else post another idea )

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Hi Thanks for your reply, I have a good ISP but sometimes yes have slow connection issues so maybe it is that..

I would hope its done when iI get back from work otherwise its ridiculous... I have quite allot of software & games over a few drives, could this be slowing things down?

Further to this I may not have enough storage I guess, but I believe windows flags this up and asks you to insert a USB?

Presuming this is correct then I shouldnt have storage issues.

Thanks, how can i roll it back so to say, as I dont have it fully installed, so how could I force it to abort the install?

I am not sure on that topic. but you do need quite a bit of space on the OS drive since it copys all of you data into a windows.old file on the C:\ drive.

The rollback thing someone else would have to answer, as I do not know.

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Okay, I would have thought if it has got this far it wouldn't be an issue,