Windows 10 is apparently being secretly downloaded onto PCs

I gotta look for some more sources, but apparently windows 10 is being downloaded without people's knowledge and it just kinda sits there waiting for you to reboot so it can install.

If microsoft wanted everyone to upgrade to 10, why didn't they just release the 32/64bit home versions legitimately without cost.

I'm not sure if it's affected me or not, I'm running windows 7 and have never updated anything.

Can someone draw the scene from pulp fiction, but with a PC tower and windows 10 in the gimp dungeon. Thanks.

if you dont have auto update enabled i guess you should be fine.

annnnd the pirates win another point...


You're kidding me. People are dishing out $90-150 on an operating system and they can't even use it without it being tarnished by a more 'modern version'. Seriously.

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Better turn off auto-update then. Thanks.

Thats how the windows 10 update works. Thats kind of common knowledge and easy to figure out.

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