Windows 10 install problem

I am trying to install win 10 onto an old HP prodesk 400 and when it loads from a USB it displays at a tiny and mirrored resolution across the monitor. The resolution is fine in all other scenarios. It persists when using different monitors, different display cables, different install usbs and another computer of the same type. Is this some security feature or some form of user error?

Update, if I boot I to recovery mode and boot from my install USB. Then the resolution is fixed. A tedious workaround, but it is my current solution.

looks like a bad gfx driver install.
do your work around then go to the hp site and download the drivers they have in the support section for your make an model.
install em and hopefully next reboot your fixed.

also check to see how much shared memory you have set in the bios for the display.
if its not set to max, do so.