Windows 10 install partition giving error 0xc0000034

I just installed an nvme drive and upgraded to 128 gigs of ram, and my windows install partition keeps throwing error 0xc0000034. A few months ago it was working fine.

I tried replacing the grub partition at the start of the usb drive with a recently downloaded and extracted Windows 10 iso. I had no luck with that either.

I'd prefer to avoid using dd, as there are other files and partitions on the drive I would like to keep.

On my motherboard I have the csm settings turned off. The partition I'm dropping windows 10 on is fat 32 with the esp and boot flags turned on.

Does anyone have any suggestions for properly extracting the windows 10 iso on Linux?

I just had to change the partition table to gpt.

Did you manage to solve it?

It looks like him changing the partition to gpt fixed it.