Windows 10 home & Docker

So I want to keep on learning about linux, and resently I have had something where I have had to been on windows, so I went and tried to install docker on windows 10 home, and apparently it doesn't have hyper V, so if any one knows a work around to get docker on, shitty, shitty home version of windows, that would be great.

so why do you need docker on windows?
I couldn't figure that out from your post tho i feel it should be in there.

But yeah for docker you need Windows 10 pro or enterprise.

but i never done this but you can try this:

I want to keep on learning linux and messing around in linux, and installing software, and I'm on windows, so I wanted a Linux VM with minimal overhead, so why not docker?

Docker is nice, but was just curious why you wanted it to run on windows.
But you just want to play with Linux?

But you could use:
I know that should run on a home edition.

well, there is some stuff I want to run on windows, and my main laptop has linux, but it has a gig of ram and a mobile core 2 duo, and my dad's laptop has a modern mobile i3 and 4 gigs of ram, which I plan to upgrade, so why not just use linux on windows and not have to install linux on there with grub or have to buy an ultrabay and unscrew it because he would go ape shit, so docker is neither of those things and is open source with minimal overhead

Docker is a Linux program. It's not optimized for Windows and you need the virtual stuff windows offers but only offers to there pro and +.

Oh... Well still I can run docker images now, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ not the end of the world

did the toolbox work?

If you want more docker fun one day. CentOS and Fedora have Docker installed. CentOS even by default.

Oh yeah, got the docker terminal running, going to go and get an image now