Windows 10 help with a patch

Hey guys, I've been bashing my head against this problem for a while and haven't been able to have much success with online walk throughs. I was wondering if the hive mind had any ideas. My win 10 does not install KB3122947 1511 update and every time I go to shut down it just tries to install it and then on reboot it says the update failed to install. My win 10 is working fine and its not a big deal, but I've finally gotten tired of the constant update after months. Would appreciate some help! thanks you try this guide?

I did. I tried that one this morning but when I went into the C drive folder for windows the patch wasn't there

So you just looked for the patch or the commands didnt work?

I tried the command but because the patch isnt there I assume it didnt work. I kept getting error messages

provide more documentation of the failed attempts(screen shots of the error messages) also make sure you run as an admin on the box when using the CLI or you can always contract Microsoft support, they can remote desktop to your machine and fix it.

oh really? I may try that. Thank you for the information!

Great. I was looking for this information for a long time. Thank you friv

I would make sure everything is updated on your machine. all drivers ect.....with no errors of anykind. Maybe download an iso and create new install media. Might grab your machines product key first ?

Unplug the sata cable for your optical drive if you have one. This bug has caused update failures since early preview beta and its still not fixed.