Windows 10 has officially tuned me to LINUX(ubuntu)

I dont know about anyone else but ive been contemplating on moving to linux since the 8.1 release. it was a bit harder for me to move since i had faith that windows would improve things. being a user since win 3.1.

however..... these last few months are after one horrible update after another i just found myself not being able to take it anymore. thanks to wendell old linux videos i took the leap to ubuntu and fell in love with it. the terminal is my favorite thing ever. windows cmd was not as smooth. considering i am a new developer to web/backend vs my c#/c++ based past im not looking back. however not having visual studio sucks. it was a very good IDE.

Conclusion, ive started switching all my servers to strickly linux and laptops. gaming pc however still has win10 due to helping my other gamer friends on their pcs. also one of my gaming servers is win server 12. With all the new windows usless apps running in the background im surprised anything works


im asking myself that too

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ive never known anyone how has used linux. ive actually learned all this on my own/ with teks help.

my daily driver is a linux now. i only use my gaming pc when im playing video games. i have a powerful thinkpad so i just dock it and us it as my work/ casual computer.

i dont get to game as much as i would like.


I switched daily drivers over a year ago when I got a new computer. I experimented with ubuntu in 2009 with virtual folding machines and have missed it ever since. The windows 10 reviews were so bad I decided it was finally time to commit.

I have no idea what I'm doing, but every time I boot into windows 7 for solidworks I immediately miss ubuntu.

Got any tips on how to make Linux your daily driver? I've been struggling to do so for the last five months.

I think my issue is that I haven't found a distro that grabs me by the bollocks I've tried out quite a few. Ubuntu Gnome seems to be the one that works well for me the most.


What have you tried? Also Anything specific that did not click with you?

Ubuntu variants and a bit of antergos. If I had to say my specific issue would probably down to me not being able to get a hang of how Linux works at its core which results in me going back to windows.

I'm looking at giving manjaro a bash at the weekend. I think my brick wall is finding good videos/podcasts that explain the core concepts.

It's hard for me to explain but when it comes to learning I don't pick things up by reading about it I need to hear it or see it. Don't know why but I've been like that since being a kid.

If your issue is transitioning from Windows you can try variants of desktop environments that are closer to that philosophy.

For example Mint with the Cinnamon Environment and Zorin OS (both ubuntu based thus sharing the same software)
might be good things to try.

This might be you over-analyzing a bit. Pretty much everything you do in windows, that have an equivalent in Linux (important), is done the same way. If you want, for example, in noob-friendly distros you do not even have to touch the terminal and you can install every software either with a typical app store or the way you do it in windows. Not the best way but it is there and it is as simple as it can be. The differentiation comes from the things that you can do in Linux that you cannot do in windows and the amount of control you have. But these are extra activities to the ones you are used to not the same with a different method.

Basically maybe you are trying to start with the a bit more involved stuff and you are skipping the simpler more casual methods?

Good news! Glad another has latched on to Linux.

Slap another ssd into your gaming PC and dual boot. Install steam, profit.

Also, visual studio has a Linux build, though I've not used it.

Edit: I guess its not quite the same but maybe worth a shot.

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VS Code is good hackable editor, it's fast compared with Atom but it's not a full featured IDE, also make sure to turn off telemetry if care care about privacy.

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I just stick with Sublime. Can get it straight from local repos (like 10 MB); works fucking great. I don't like IDE's after using just text editors. I compile all my code with a user shell and make files.

If you still need to use Windows for certain things, you can install virtual box, download Win 10 ( legally of course ) and then install it inside the virtual box and use the product key that you got with the PC. Only one license can be active at any given time tho, which does suck. For example: if you have two computers, one with Windows, that someone else uses, and your computer that you have Windows installed on inside a virtual box, the user of the Windows PC would get one of those Windows activation things in the bottom corner. But it saves the time for rebooting and such.

Once you've dipped your foot in try arch and debian. Lots of fun and I legitimately miss having pacman and yaourt. Fewer key presses to do the same thing. Rolling release.

I'm on ubuntu right now for driver support on r9 290, but with the kernel updates I wouldn't be surprised if the AUR package in arch would work now.

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Unfortunately for me moving to a linux distro would be very difficult for me as there is alot I would not be able to do that I do on windows however I do have a sort of plan since I am NOT going back to windows 10 again and never plan to go back to it ever again. when support ends with windows 7 in 2020 I will move to windows 8.1 and then I'm not super sure what I'll do then, I'm really hoping reactOS will make a lot of progress in those years though. Seriously I installed windows 10 on a VM, didn't turn any settings off and made a random MS account... it was HORRIBLE, pre-installed crap kept re-installing, I just didn't feel 100% in control of my own computer.

@Ctrl_Null you may want to checkout Jet Brains for products related to your IDE. I use CLion and for C/C++ dev its awesome. for C# though I believe you'll want Rider its their new IDE for C# Developers. Very nice with Resharper built in. If you want Windows Servers for things like full stack ASP.NET look at KVM. I use it for my Windows Server Stuff.

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thanks Wolf however on the studio side. code and studio are two completely different things. its like comparing android studio to notepad++. code is better web languages, and is an amazing open source ide. i still use it on linux

thanks ill look into. back to learning a new dev environment

if a guy like me who has been using nothing but windows since 3.1/DOS days (since i was a kid) can switch. so can you. like most things you should invest time to learning it to perfect the skill. having a large amount of free/ open source tools that you can improve is priceless.

windows makes you feel like you have alot of stuff that you need to have on your computer for some reason. i felt like i was going to leave alot behind. but i found a replacement for everything. ive just had enough with all the shit background processes. ive installed a crap ton of stuff and only used 9gb on my HD including the OS. this include music.(on that note i hold all my files, music, vidoes on my servers.

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Sublime bro' ... SUBLIME !!!! add the package control and sublimelinter, sublimecodeintel pkgs and get ready to code. Although

It's pretty smooth. I did skim tjrough the EULA, seem weird for me to have a EULA on a text editor of sorts... :\