Windows 10, hardware (most likely) but my computer won't post. Thanks Obama!

So I shutdown and selected to install Windows updates and now my pc will only post to the hit F2 to enter bios Asus screen. I've taken out ram individually to see if that's it and I've taken out the gpu aswell. I was playing Doomusic right before and the pc was running nice and cool with no hiccups so I'm kind of at a loss. The PSU is 850watt evga gold and I only have one gtx 980 so I know I have enough power. I've flashed the CMOS and the only thing I haven't tried is reseating the cpu . Anyone else gone through a similar Issue? Why is this happening right before the new deus ex Game?


If you can get to the BIOS screen, then your computer has POST'd.

What happens beyond the BIOS screen? Any windows loading information? What happens?

So It wasn't posting. Turns out somehow my Bios got corrupted during the Windows update. I have to do a bios flashback on my asus board and now it posts and also boots into Windows just fine.

Their is a difference between bios and a screen that says hit f2 to enter bios. Hence it wouldn't post

Hitting F2 well after the BIOS has found the processor, memory, onboard controllers, and video output. If you get to the Press F2, the computer has properly POST and now you are allowed perform changes to the configuration settings. A press F2 would come after the POST beep (if you have a system speaker).

Are you running 'anniversary edition'

Cuz I'm hearing that Anniversary Edition is buggy.

If you suspect memory, use a Memtest86+, which is a program that tests... wait for it... memory.

yeah, that's what installed. Apparently it corrupted the Bios and i had to do a USB flashback. Really weird and to be honest i'm wondering if it was the windows 10 update or something else that caused it. Everything now checks out fine

So after googling POST and everything I still stand correct. The Computer wasn't able to detect all the hardware since Bios was corrupt and therefore couldn't post.

Yeah. Fuck Windows 10, and Fuck UEFI.

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Yes. I wish we could just all use fucking coreboot

I dont't have to go full on Richardo Stallmanu...
I'm OK with using BIOS. UEFI doesn't really do anything for me, and actually limits my options for full disk encryption.

Well Im not really trying to go full Richardo Stallmanu either. However UEFI just fucking pisses me off in terms of things like always running, and secure boot but it offers some advanced features, or I should say BIOS just doesnt offer a lot of features. Coreboot on the other hand offers those features without being the creep that UEFI is but it just isnt supported very well