Windows 10 Hardware Compatability

I have a pretty standard $1000 AMD build in the works, but i have a question on win10 compatibility. my father made a pc back when xp was released, and he had a shitstorm of problems with hardware to OS compatibility. is this still a problem in this day and age? or has a moot standard been blanketed over (the majority) of parts. Currently, i dont have my ssd or graphics card, so it doesn't run. i was thinking of using the win10 technical preview to hold me off for the full release. feel free to discuss what the future will hold for windows 10 and hardware.

this is a rundown of what i do or will have.

You'd only run into hardware compatibility issues due to age if your using a system with a CPU older than a hyper threaded Pentium 4. I think Windows 8 stop compatibility with CPUs that old. Anything newer than that should have no problem at all.

A general rule is if it worked with the last version most of it will work with this version.

So if this computer can run Windows 8.1, it should run 10 fine.

While it rarely turns out like that for everyone, for the most common hardware it often does. If it's a laptop you may lose a few keyboard shortcuts or special functions but other than that you'll be fine.

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