Windows (10) GIF Veiwer

Hey guys, I just upgraded to Windows 10 and was surprised to see that 3 windows versions in (since XP) and Windows Photo Viewer still will not play gifs.
(well there is that stock dumbass (and invasive) Pictures App which does nothing I want/need, and I nuked from orbit, but let's fly right past that)

So do you guys know of any simple common sense Picture Viewer that:
- plays GIF
- has left and right buttons (and arrow keys)
- has rotate clockwise, counterclockwise
- has scroll to zoom, and an Actual Size button
- can Pan by mouse dragging
- is not black, fullscreen, and does not hide its interface


PS: Please do not answer with "gifs are obsolete, nobody uses gifs any more, you don't need gif support", that's irrelevant to the question.

PPS: BTW, it would be nice if it also plays WEBMs and maybe .mp4s.

My goto still is

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Yeah I still use irfan too, but not as a main program.

It's just too awkward and archaic.
The way it zooms (and the way it resets the gif playing index on every zoom tick), the way it centers the window when you go to the next image, the way you save a copy, the picture order/sorting while navigating, no Actual Size button, no pan by dragging etc.. maybe than?

Windows 10 stock image viewer does play gifs. And it's just overall decent, I see no reason to use something else.

That's waay too complicated. Just think this way: Would you browse through your pron image folder using Lightroom? Then it's not a good default picture app. :)

Yeah, and I mentioned it here:

which I nuked from orbit using Destroy Windows 10 Spying by Nummer

For example I also don't use the Edge App because it straight up doesn't have privacy settings. I did keep the still included Internet Explorer though.

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XNView is what you're looking for. Plays everything and then some.

I found and am using a couple of simple ones, no image gallery management thumbnail horsing around (that's what I have explorer for):

  • ImageGlass but although pretty and open source, I found some of the interaction awkward.
  • InViewer minimal, free, and so far looks very promising. And it supports .WEBM!
    It's a bit low budget but it works. Let me know if you find something better!

I always liked the Picasa client for Windows, I don't know how it is nowadays as I haven't used a Windows machine which I can just freely install software to in a while, but it used to have a really smart UI wheh you opened a file

Yeah, I also have Picasa.

But it's made by google, scans all your stuff, and is too bubbly and animated and the menu has that thumbnail strip and it constantly fades in and out and it's annoying.
It however does everything you'd want it to do, so you could use it. Just as how you could use the default windows 10 picture viewer App from the windows store.

[EDIT] I just tried a gif and remembered it does NOT play animated gifs. Also there's no plans to support them or whatever.