Windows 10 - Fresh install or ghost

Hey All,

I currently have my windows 10 install on a 2TB Western Digital sata 6 Gbs, however I just got a 480GB Mushkin SSD from Newegg and want to put my OS on that. Is it smarter to just do a re-install of the OS or just ghost the windows portion of the drive? And/Or can I just ghost the windows portion of the drive, what software would I use??? Thank you as always to the community for being so excellent :-)


Should always just resintall


seems a bit small for winders :D

The drive is of a different size so cloning it might be kinda difficult, require time to set an existing installation of Windows to fit on a different size hard drive and you might have some issues due to that (Windows doesen't like at all wild changes, believe me).
A clean install is the easiest and best option, in my opinion.

To speed up things see if on the Microsoft sites is available a new image of Windows 10 that includes all the updates so you won't get stuck a month installing those (install XP from scratch and do 3 service packs and butt ton of updates on a P3 1GHz machine is a real pain the ass lol).

Have fun with your new drive!