Windows 10 freezing with tp link wireless card

I have windows 10 on my box and a tp-link tl-wn751nd wireless card, based on the atheros 9227 chip, and every time I try to log in to windows 10 it freezes. Same thing with 8. I had the exact same issue when I first got the card but I forget what I did to fix it. Card works, that isn’t the issue. If anyone has an idea, wing it my way.

And yes I have had problems with this card before, vefore you ask, and have indeed posted before.

I keep thinking there was something in BIOS I had to change but just looking at it now I can't see a 'compatible' mode or anything like that and I do have the drivers installed. I have to think I just left it alone or something and it eventually just worked but that doesn't make sense to me. Still looking.

I had the same issues with my PC and this card. What worked for me is reseating the card because it is very janky to fit in the PCI slots.

!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit ok!

No that didn't get it onward at all.... grrr

So it's completely freezing? No blue screen or anything? Can you check the event viewer for any errors?

No blue screen no nothing. Event viewer just stops and says halt. It has done this before.....

I hate to say it but look around your Bios, Is there a peripherals section?

No not really I looked there.

Safe mode + registry mod/alternative Windows drivers?

I'm just trying to make you remember what you did to make it work.

If I have to touch registry shit then I am wasting my time. My opinion is that if anyone has to touch the base files of a proprietary OS to change how the base system works the authors have failed. XP is where the failure started, then vista came out. For some reason I have to think it either isn't slotting correctly or something is just broken in windows. But when I open the wifi menu at login it lists everything ( then freezes ). I'm just going to install 7 i think and back up all my stuff. 10 is a bug addled mess atm for me anyways so I might as well.

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Try testing it with a Linux live environment.

It could be a driver/os problem, or just hardware failure.

TP-Link has a pretty good warranty. And sometimes wifi cards do die (overheat, just get old, whatever.) I think most of their gear is 2 years warranty. Give them a call/email and explain the situation and that you've already tried all the troubleshooting steps and you would like it replaced. In the meantime order a cheap $5 nano wifi card (or ask a friend, I have a stack of 4-5 "N" speed modules laying around.) and call it a day.

Hmmm, I had something similar happen when I installed a new gpu. Except it was just the monitor freezing, not the entire system.
Fixed it by unplugging the pc and holding the power button down to power cycle it.
This probably won't help in this situation though.

Its not a matter of the card is dead, it was just in a linux system and I was using it not too long ago. I'm just going to install windows 7 today.

On windows 7 on my streaming machine. This is no longer an issue.

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Sucks that it doesn't work out of the box like it should but at least it's fixed.

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Yeah thats my opinion at this point lol

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I had the same problem. Here is how I fixed it. I booted in safe mode: but make sure u insert the card when you select to boot into safe mode with no network (option 4). Once in safe mood, uninstall the device in device manager. Remove the card, normal boot into windows. Download TL-WN751ND_V2.0_Easy_Setup_Ass.rar. Extract and run setup with win7 compatibility. Insert card and click Next on the setup. It will then detect the card and install the right driver. The problem is that Windows installs a generic driver when you insert the card which causes the system to freeze.