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Windows 10 Education

I recently built a new PC. Instead of buying a copy of windows 10, I was able to get a free windows 10 education key through my University’s “on the hub” store. It seems that certain settings and abilities are limited. For instance… I cannot login to the desktop without first being connected to the internet. And I cannot enable an option to skip the desktop login in order to boot to desktop when I start or restart my PC. Do I need to assign myself a higher admin role within windows? My windows install and machine should not be in anyway related to my university because I graduated over 5 years ago. I shouldn’t be governed by any university IT admin or anything like that…as an alumni I was just simply still able to claim 1 free windows 10 education license, so thats what I used for this build. I tried reaching out to microsoft support and my university’s help desk but so far I haven’t gotten any helpful information… Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Isn’t that a feature of W10 Edu? It might be linked to your previous University.

Are you sure you can do that? EDU/Enterprise limits the users privileges to protect the school/company.

If neither your Uni or Microsoft can/will help, I’d suggest you buy a retail version of either Home or Pro, and be done with it.

IIRC one of the license agreement requirements for the Edu version is also that you’re still a student at time of activation, or at least it was like that back when I got my… uuhhhh Windows 7(?) way back when… So you may not be legally allowed to use it anyway. But you do you.

I wasnt sure if these were just built in features of W10 Edu or not. Maybe there’s no way around it. It shouldn’t be managed by the university at all because I didn’t have to use my university credentials to login or install. Unless the keys they distribute are already linked to each specific university somehow, but their help desk seemed to know nothing about that.

Try creating a new local user account. Do not sign into your Microsoft account on it, and hopefully it should allow you to sign in without being online.

To avoid being forced to create security questions, create the account with a blank password, then log to it, then you can create a password without the forced security questions.