Windows 10...driver for touchpad auto downloads... hilarity ensues

so decided to update to ten on crappy laptop (asus K55A). all goes well and installs everything (few programs...bloatware... no longer work... pity...) but i go to use my touchpad and it no longer works.... after tabbing and toggling through the settings i finially enable touchpad, but it has limited functionality
-right click doesnt work
-cant scroll
-only a minimal section of the touchpad functions
- proceeds to disable in hardware when i restart/turn off comp

so turns out it is the actual driver from Elan for windows 10 which is glitching... but i cant stop the download with no mouse..... (4-5 hrs trip from home at the moment and no where near a store to buy a mouse lol)...
not the end of the world but irritating none the less
better than the last update i did on day 0..... (vista... cough....)

yea mine(desktop) auto downloaded the realtek sound drivers. Don't need them don't want them but since i have home it auto reinstalled them.

This sounds wonderful, I can't wait for more windows 10 stories haha


i found too that in settings that when you are connected to a wireless network (if you dont have it unticked) that it connects to other computers on your network and auto updates them from your own computer....... so if people dont have this unticked and join a friends network... you could get all those awesome updates that you have 'blocked' and that they have installed....

seems an easy fix (too easy), just uninstalled and reinstalled driver... seems all g so far.... except scrolling still isnt functioning -_-

How? With what credentials?

Also, I am actually a big fan of this, with the exception of forcing driver installs.

Yeah I did the same and now it's working, all the gestures. I installed ASUS Smart Gestures: the same software I had on windows 8.1. I have an ASUS k550jk

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The only thing that has not worked for me is the scrolling from the touch pad on my old Acer Aspire 5334. Aside from that everything j.has been great and this laptop is running smoother with Win 10 than it was with Win 7

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I'm just curious what would happen if I installed Windows 10 on my Acer Chromebook 15...

Scrolling didn't work for me either on my Zenbook, even though the Windows installer automatically installed the touchpad driver from Asus. I fixed it by uninstalling the touchpad driver and installing the one from the Asus website (they actually have official Windows 10 support). Now the scrolling direction is inverted for some reason and I need to go though both of the control panels to find where to change that.

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yea @MightyNerd i belive it in is the settings option under mouse and pointers... i think i remember seeing a tick box there to change to/from inverted...

same deal for me @Evil_MOBO ... scrolling does not operate from me either... and i cant scroll the mouse down with the pad depressed and a second finger.... unless i go down to the very bottom edge of the touch pad.... annoying...

@spidernet im not sure, i uninstalled mine, restarted, then when i turned it back on ran update function and it auto detected and redownloaded driver and everything was fine (bar the scrolling issue)

@ibreakthings ahhh... will have to remember where i actully found it... network and security settings.... you would have to not have things secured/open on the device on the network but im sure it is an attempt to minimise multiple downloads to keep bandwidth/download usage to a minimum due to the proliferation of devices and the integration of software accross multiple devices..... similar to caching on a server i suppose.... dont know any specifics though so take this with a grain of salt... will have a looksie when i have time :D

I didn't run the update function.
After the upgrade I noticed that the driver wasn't working, it was installed but the touchpad only had mouse 1 and mouse 2 functions so I uninstalled it, reboot the PC then I dowloaded the 4.0.6 from here:, installed, reboot and it worked.
By the way it seems to be a common issue, while troubleshooting I found this thread on reddit.

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yes, as did i. all i can comment on is i uninstalled and it auto downloaded when i updated the second time around after reboot/uninstall... touchpad works fine and doesnt auto disable etc now just scrolling function is not there...

Silly question: have you checked if the multi touch scroll is enabled?

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yes lol :P

it took me a day to think of it (and thank god that wasnt the reason.....LOL) new laptop had it for 4-5 days now... bought refurbished really cheap so no biggie...