Windows 10 display driver stopped responding but has recovered

Just tried out Windows 10 for the second time and I'm having the same issue I had the first time. Screen will randomly go black and then ill get a notification saying display driver stopped responding but has recovered. This especially happens when I try to play games, but will happen on regular usage as well. When I'm on Win8 I have no problem but I would really like to get Win10 to be running stable. I know other people have had the same issue but I couldn't find a fix myself. Has anyone here had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it. Any help is appreciated.

do you have your GPU overclocked at all?

No I just did a clean install this morning so nothing should be out of the ordinary

What video card do you have?

what GPU do you have?
Have you installed its latest drivers?
How is it connected? (VGA to DVI adapter, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort)
what motherboard do you have?

Full specs are:

Win10 64 Pro
Intel 3770K
GTX 670, Driver 358.91 connected via HDMI
16GB Ram
Asus z77 Sabertooth

I'll cut to the chase. It's probably nvidia card, the latest drivers/geforce experience have been causing this.

I'm uploading 353.62-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql for you right now.

Device Manager > Display Adapters > Select your video card (right click) > Properties > Driver > Uninstall

Then install 353.62 instead, the newest ones are causing tons of issues.

I'll update this once it's down uploading.


I appreciate it giving it a shot now.

So I tried that but its telling me that the system could not find compatable graphics hardware.

Ive had a heap of problems with the recent 358 driver release. I also had to go back to 353 to get my stability back.

My apologies, I sent you the 800 series one that I needed... you have a 600 series... added the correct version above.

Everything seems to be working now. I'm gonna run a stress test so I'm 100% sure its fixed but I appreciate your time.

Yea buddy!

Glad to help. Pesky new drivers!

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