Windows 10 Cloud-Based Advanced Threat Protection

Looks like Microsoft is having a heavy response with the recent ransomware attacks.

Idea is to extend Windows Defender to become connected to the Cloud, basically virus protection based off of machine learning and all of that.


How do you all feel about this? My main OS is Arch Linux, but whenever I am on Windows 10, this will be another thing to check off in third party programs in the name of privacy.

Other antivirus programs has been doing that since forever, they're adding that feature only now?
Anywho isn't the trend today to vpn all traffic through an actual cyber security company you trust? Well that's off topic anyway.

So many buzzwords. But at least they seem to be taking security a bit more seriously after 20 years.

More like windows 10 cloud based advance threat distribution.....

How long before somebody back doors this and every computer gets updated to the latest ransomware lol.

They actually have something cloud-based already:

Not sure how this is different. As I understand it's not so much about the files being scanned, but rather how the system behaves and what's being done with it.

The idiots this video cater to are all bussines, and CEO's willing to spend millions on buzz words.
When i watch this video all i see is hey we slapped a new GUI on our antivirus, and use buzz words to sell it.