Windows 10 BSOD problem

Hello Everyone. My friend's PC is BSODing. There is a good chance that after he alt tabs out of a game the PC will Blue Screen with the code DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER.

I thought the radeon drivers are the cause of this so we reinstalled the graphics drivers and used DDU in the process. But it didn't fix.

.dmp Dropbox

Windows 10
CPU: Xeon x5650 2.66 @4.0GHz
GPU: R9 390 strix
MB: asus P6X58D Premium
RAM: 3x2GB

I know there is a server cpu in a consumer board AND OCed but it's stable with PRIME95.
So before i reinstall Windows i wanted to post the problem here. If we don't fix it i can still rollout a fresh windows.

Can you create a minidump? The one you provided isn't telling me much.



I really hated Windows 10 on my xeon machine, even tho' mine unlike your 1366, is a 771 harpertown chip on a HP G41 775 motherboard, they're remotely similar but related. 10 doesn't really like old or obscure server HW and will try to make you suffer in any manner it can if you at least not rolling with Sandy Bridge or perform a brain surgery on the system files. Rolled back to 7 & dual booting lubuntu 16.04 both 64bit, so far no BSODS or shenanigans .

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So under Startup and Recovery the Write debuggung information should be small memory dump (256KB)? instead of Automatic?

Full dump preferred.

EDIT: What version of windows are you using?

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Sorry for the delay. His PC didn't wanted to crash xD he played games everyday and nothing. Now out of the blue it crashed again. There are two dump files now memory.dmp which is 6GB big "as big a the system memory?!?" and the other is this one 092816-5187-01.dmp

Windows informatin:

Edition windows 10 pro
Version 1511
OS Build 10586.589
and again installed are 6GB of RAM

Six gigs seems like an odd amount of ram. What is the reasoning ?

This is a long forgotten technology called Triple channel memory 3x2GB xD. He actually ordered a pair of new 2133 Mhz dual channel 4Gig.

Just making sure it is not some mash of just any kind of ram. So basically , your running on older hardware. Drivers tend to be the biggest ill in mixing 10 with older hardware.

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So what can we do. The bluescreen states it clear that there is a driver causing a memory problem? But how could we diagnose such thing? removing drivers? updateing? We updated the graphics drivers already. Any other that you can think of?

Look for updated drivers for your motherboard and memtest just to make sure it is not the ram throwing errors. Because of the older hardware, i recommend you track down all the updated drivers you can find for everything on the system. Make sure you have them on hand.

I cannot seem to read that dump file, make sure the file extension is *.mdmp

If your combining memory, make sure that the sticks in the same channel has the same clock rate and frequency, otherwise your gonna have stability problems.