Windows 10 and Xeon X5650

Hey guys, new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could help me with my PC. I have a Xeon x5650 running on an Asus P6T Motherboard. I am running it on Windows 10 Pro and am having some really weird issues. I can run the Xeon at stock and up to 3.4Ghz stable. If I try and go higher the computer BSOD with a WHEA error. I raised the multiplier to 22x from 20 and Windows worked but my multiplier was not locked anymore even though it was manually set at 22x. I have already tried to update all of my drivers but there are none for Windows 10 so I am using windows 7 drivers. My next step is to update my BIOS but I do not know if that would be the cause of my problems or not

From what I’ve heard Xeon processors wont take much overclock.
Do you know for sure the cpu can handle higher clocks? Any testimonies or have you done it yourself?

Also, welcome!

Back in the olden days, aka Lga 1366 era stuff, Xeon overclocking was much, much more common. They’re multiplier unlocked from what I know of this stuff.

To my knowledge, stuff from this time period does not have official support for Windows 10, so weird shit may just happen. Dunno really why you’re getting that error, but a BIOS update couldn’t hurt.

Interesting, what are the Win7 drivers for?
Welcome. :slight_smile: