Window Server 2019 - Powershell Inital Set up

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Was wondering if it is possible to set up a Win 2019 Server all in PowerShell after the initial install. If it is, outside of Microsoft docs is there any useful reading or secret sauce that you all have for doing this?

The reasons: I need to set up a win 2019 server for coursework but would like to do it in PowerShell as I can replicate the script for a second server and future knowledge on the stack! :smiley:

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drive by comment

just the install? or have a no ui windows server?

for install you can look at the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit which might fit your needs

you might also want to look at PowerShells Desired State Configuration

and you might consider combining those two with some automation for VM deployment


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Thank you I will look into these.

(PS, So far keeping an average of a 1st on the old Degree!)

Tell me when your nearing the end!

Lots of things been going on but doing well.

I’ve not played with either of those btw, but DSC looks very interesting, though I don’t think it helps for the initial install. Windows still relies on the auto answers type of method which the ADK should provide tools for (unless someone else knows better)

I will do (looking to Grad out about May-June next year by the looks of it)

I will be using a VM image for this so I think the DSC will be getting looked into. I think I have actually played with ADK or something similar in fact in the past.

Glad all is going well, Lots of things means busy life which is good!? Right?


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Busy with good and bad is the best way to put it

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