Window Might Let You Know How They Are Spying On You

This article links to an Arstechnia article where they are saying apparently Microsoft might let you see what they are sending back to home base. It is tool called Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer. Eh, it might be fun to see where this goes. It is slated to be released in March or April along with the major update of that quarter. The article does not explicitly say who makes the tool so that is a thing. The information will need to decoded. The article has more. It is a short read.

It is an instreating article to read on Ars:

Microsoft is indeed collecting data and this would be a useful tool. It’ll be interesting to see what could be learned from it.

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“The presentation is low-level (Microsoft’s screenshots show JSON structured data using various magic numbers—numeric values that encode information but without any key to explain what information each number encodes), so straightforward reading and interpretation will remain limited.” -Peter Bright. I think this is the most important bit of information.

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