Window games on linux questions - vkd3d for nvidia rtx support ? and other quest

I think you’re a bit confused. All the big hassle is about real-time ray tracing instead of using shaders. Not ray tracing in general. You do not need api’s to do ray tracing. It can be done in like 50 loc in c++ for simple geometric shapes.

Once the drivers support them, that’s all we’ll have to do. Same as before. I’m not sure how Nvidia does their stuff under the hood as its just a binary blob though. Not sure what magic they include.

Yes, as most developers don’t write their own game engines from scratch. It will still be several years before its probably widely adopted, and at the least, there would be games who have a fallback. If they only made games which support the that-year GPU then there would be few customers. Stuff has to reach back like 5 years of compatibility.

It’s not like every game will suddenly switch over to RTX and use DX12; most games still don’t even use DX12. So I think you’re just worrying about a non-existent problem.

To answer your passthru questions: no you don’t need two discrete GPU’s. You can use the iGPU on the host and just pass one to the guest. If you are using a system with no iGPU then you will indeed need two.

Check out the looking glass thread for resources.