Window 10 Volume Constantly Jumps Up and Down

I just built this computer over the summer and about 3 months ago the volume started jumping up and down for no reason. It is absolutely maddening. At first I thought it was just Spotify, but now I’m seeing it happen with everything. I’ve reinstalled the driver and disabled audio enhancements and there have been several Windows updates since the problem started. I don’t know what else to try. It is driving me bananas.

I’ve seen posts matching my problem in several support forums, but low traffic ones with few answers. I have not been able to find it on Reddit, LTT forums, or here. Microsoft support tech have only suggested what I’ve mentioned above.

Has anyone else had and resolved this issue? I’m so out of ideas I’m getting ready to buy a new board just to see if it works.

Windows 10 Pro

64 MSI X370 Gaming Plus BIOS Rev 7A33v55 (Most recent)

AMD 1700X

On board audio with Realtek HD audio driver

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I’m assuming you disabled audio ducking?


Does this actually change the set volume? Any applications which may e.g. set their own audio ducking settings or may be using the microphone?

What about getting the driver straight from Realtek instead of MSI (or vice-versa)?


In have the exact same problem on 8.1 never been able to fix it but I would love to.

Yeah disabled the communications adjusting thing. It does it in small amounts and you can see it happening when you open the mixer panel. They jitter up and down one step but over time get lower and lower. Eventually you have to push them all back up and start again.

Also possibly unrelated but my system volume for warning nooses and unplugging things is at zero, I cannot get it to not default to zero. I can push it up in which case the slide jitter kicks in but on every boot it defaults to zero.

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I have not done that, but I’ll try it now. Sometimes I can experience an hour or more of volume stability only to have it happen again. I’ll give it a couple days and come back and say it worked. Thanks.

Did not work :confused:

Can you try installing the generic windows “high definition audio device” driver?

By chance have teamspeak installed/running?

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No team speak. I’ll give that a shot when the issue comes back if it does. Seems to have gone away for the moment, but it’s done that before.