Window 10 updater defaults to disabled

Hey I’m having a right headache of an issue. Windows has decided that the windows updater service should default to disabled every time.

I’ve gone into services.msc to activate it but even when starting it you can see it change back to disabled.

I’ve followed all the steps here but no joy.

Do anyone one of a way to solve this or is it a full restore situation

Thanks in advance for any help

Windows Update service is usually set to Manual and stopped. It’s only started when triggered by Task Scheduler. If it’s disabled then that’s a different animal.

I would first start by running sfc /scannow as administrator to run a verification of your system and fix any system errors that might not be visible.

Try to scan for malware as sometimes they do stuff like this so that Windows Defender wont get updated to catch them.

Malwarebytes AntiMalware

You can try other recommendations from in their download page. Its up to you.

Got it, thanks for the help with this guys

Somehow something called stopupdate10 had got installed and that completely disables the windows 10 updater from working