Wind Force GTX 680 (buy or nahhhh?)

My friend has a Gigabyte GTX 680 Wind Force that he's been using for about a year and he's gonna buy a 980. He offered to sell me the 680 for $100-ish. I currently have a Asus Radeon 7770 and I was gonna wait for either a 300 series card from AMD, a GTX 960 or something like that. Although I would rather get a Nvidia card. He's buying his new card in a month or something, so hopefully Nvidia and/or AMD shows off something by then. I play on a single 1080p monitor so I don't do any crazy triple monitor 4k or anything. I am 13 so as you can imagine the parts I buy kinda have to last me a while. I would like but don't NEED Nvidia's VXGI or MFAA or even Physx or CUDA, But I would like them. I kinda hate AMD's raptor thing so I would really prefer G-force experience. Actually now that I think about it I would much rather get a Nvidia card unless AMD comes out with some 980 killer for $200. Anyway should I get the 680 from him for $100-ish or no? P.S My budget is $100-$250. P.P.S Maxwell's super power efficiency thing isn't that important to me either. Many thanks!

The GTX 680 is >760 and the 760 is less powerful than the 670, and of course, the 680 is faster than the 670. I'd personally get it, especially at that price. It's not a weak card at all, and I bet it'd last maxing out games for 2 years or more . Though I guess it won't hurt to wait. 

$100 for a windforce 680 is very hard to beat.

Go for it, a 680 is  basicly a 770 and performs around the level of a 280x/7970  on the amd side. Plenty for 1080p and at least 2x as strong as your 7770. Check if your PSU and case can handle it though.

Go for it. Those cards go for $160-200 on ebay, and will have plenty of power for the next year or two on 1080p.