Winamp is coming back!

Foobar finally has competition again!


I hope they do it justice. And I hope it is available for all operating systems…

Winamp on Linux would be great!

We need a better media player on Linux. I am not massively impressed with any of the available programs.

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I end up having to use browser with spotify/youtube because our options are so bad. I tried to make do with VLC for a while, but it’s just icky for use as a music player.

Legendary Winamp is back!
I hope it will be able to compete with foobar (Thanks to TekSyndicate for finding this alterntive for me, after Winamp died back then).

I use Rhythmbox with no enthusiasm. The last release was 2017-10-06…

Well, I hope it turns out similar to Firefox change, like foobar2000, but better

But regarding Winamp, havent used that software since like Warcraft 3, which would be at least 15 years ago? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m in the market for a good podcast player on pc, i hope they get it right.
Other than that i pretty much abandoned mp3 in favor of streaming so i’m not completely sure what they try to achieve.

@ro55mo that’s no way to live you should switch to something that you can hate with passion

Have you tried Sayonara? I’ve seen people mentioning it here around the forum.


I have not. I will give it a go now.

Yes, I like the default dark theme and having the genres on the right.

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Nice to see Winamp come back. MSN Messenger next?

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Have some funk. And just to be clear don’t read anything into the song title.

Nope, AIM.


What’s it with dead software coming back to life?


Can Sayonara manage libraries on remote SMB volumes?

EDIT: To answer my own question, yes, Sayonara can access SMB volumes.

If it comes to linux I will give it a try, but I’m fine with VLC for now…

I’m still using 5.66 Pro. I don’t see a reason to upgrade…

I don’t know. My guess would be no.

This is what their website says about library management:

•Multiple library support. Group different directories in libraries and move or copy tracks from one to another