Win8 Problems I think

So I recently built a new PC I first installed a pirated version of windows 8 but it had problems so I bought the legit one from the store and it still has the same problem. So basically the problem is that my programs keep crashing or something like when I use Internet Explorer it say that it has ran into an issue so I tried Mozilla Firefox and the same thing happened even my skype crashes so can someone tell what to do maybe hardware compatibility problems or something. And btw this is a first build so I'm still new to it.

Could be anything :), If you have an old OS lying around (XP,Vista,Win7) you could install that and see what happens. That would rule out a W8 specific issue or not.

If not then youl need to supply more info, whats in the PC etc, could be a simple thing as out dated firmware on an SSD or something.

In my PC I have an intel core i7 3770K ,an asrock Z77 extreme 4 motherboard, a samsung 840 pro 128GB ssd, a 750GB WD caviar blue HDD, 8GB of Xtream memory running at 1600 MHz. And thats all i have.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed for the SSD. Also what brand PSU do you have?

^^^^ that

I do bsod debugging as a hobby of sorts, and I've seen several where outdated ssd firmware was a problem. also, a good psu, with enough wattage is absolutely essential.



Windows 8 <<<<    I found your problem