Win7 + USB 3.0 for H370M ... Win7 installed. Rejects correct driver !?

Very frustrating the amount of work required for Win7 … I guess it’s a testament to just how bad Win10 is. !

The OS is installed & accessible via TeamViewer - (Network drivers, etc.)
what hasn’t worked are any drivers for USB 3.0 - and I’ve read EVERYTHING I could find.
I extracted the drivers of this hardware with Win10 … and [those!] drivers don’t work.
I’ve searched based on PCI Repository ID.
I’ve used other MB mfr’s with the same chipset (H370M).
To top it off – I haven’t used windows much over the last 10 years

What I’m desperate for:

USB 3.0 + 3.1 extensible
ALL attempted installs [rejected]

Display driver
Intel® UHD Graphics 630
Apparently [these] can’t work on this system either.

General Win7 response?:
"This computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

Someone said something about modifying the INF file …?

Anyone want me to try something
Provide other info ?

I’d be grateful to do so and will do it ASAP.

For anyone who’s frustrated I’m trying to do this:
I can’t have a system install updates / reboot – at random.
I don’t have time to figure out why something that worked – STOPPED working.
(OH! the firewall decides to turn back on.)

It is just the wrong OS for data recovery – which is what I do with it.

Thank you in advance.

Gigabyte H370M
Integrated graphics …
Win-7 Pro

Win drivers can be force installed with pnputil.
I started my win install in a vm via raw disk access and added the usb3 drivers.

So if for instance the GUI driver installer may fail because the os doesn’t see the hardware when its running in a vm.

pnputil -i -a <driverinf>

I just saw you are trying to install the w10 driver. You will need to modify the inf but that’s no guarantee it will function after its installed.

This doesn’t make sense, how does Win7 being frustrating to install correlate to how bad windows 10 is?

If you’ve managed to get Win7 installed, the USB port won’t work no matter what you do is what I found while looking around.

The only workaround is an external PCI USB controller.


I just saw you are trying to install the w10 driver. You will need to modify the inf but that’s no guarantee it will function after its installed.

I can start with the alleged Win 7 drivers … and exhaust attempting to force them

If that doesn’t work I’ll try to mod the inf’s and use the Win10 drivers.

PS - pretty ingenius to use raw disk access with a VM to set it up. :slight_smile: I DIG IT. I didn’t even think of that …

Do you know which driver i should try for the integrated GPU ? As in – will HD 630 work in Win7 or is there some technical reason for which the IG wouldn’t work in Win7 ?

Thanks again. Soon I get to resume hitting my head against the wall trying to determine why my 8-drive FN setup gets me sub-single-drive speeds. :slight_smile:

While I agree that ops problem is one that is self inflicted and not a windows problem… Let’s avoid name calling. It doesn’t make you more right because you call him dumb.

Op, it’s time to move on my friend. Win7 is nearly EOL. Whatever reason you’re holding out on 10 for has likely been added to 7 anyway but with no switch to turn it off.

I can help you transition to 10 in a painless way if you want the help.


Thanks Adubs – Generous. I appreciate the offer and manner in which it was made.

Is it possible to

  • completely disable the Firewall in Windows 10 ?
  • do updates when I want …
  • NEVER EVER be at risk of updates forcing a reboot if I don’t respond in time to cancel them?

I run tasks that can take from 2-3 days up to 6 months. And the computer needs to not shut down or reboot once in that time or it could be horrible.

Hey … Vault
I’m assuming you have expertise with AceLabs PC-3000, yeah?
What all are the right settings for those of us who use PC3K …?

Also - which do you like more…

  • spam?
  • liver?

PS - good news…

  • USB 3.0
  • UHD 630

…are all installed now. The only thing left for me to do is clone everything over to my NVMe and make a backup of the drivers for future use.

Again – thanks.

I’m not sure why you would want to do that. I haven’t had any problems. It works the same as 7s firewall as far as I can tell.

Shutup10 can allow you to disable updates entirely. Or you can disable the wauserv service. I like the shutup10 method because it’s a slider to turn it on and off.

There’s a lot of other things shutup10 is good for.

Also there is a registry value or group policy object that can be applied to tell the machine to not automatically reboot with users logged in. It’s a perfect solution but in practice I haven’t found that 10 will update without notice anymore.

10 has had a lot of time to mature and I think it’s come a long way from 1504 when I started really using it on everything.

Regardless I can help you get that registry value applied if you are a home user, or the gpo applied if you are a pro user.

Also you will want open shell which will replace the 10 start menu for one that is 7-like.