Win10 upgrade went to my HDD not my SSD

I upgraded to Windows 10 this evening and it sure looks like the OS went to my HDD instead of my SSD! Once I accepted the installation I never got another command prompt that allowed me to select the download location so I assumed it would be directed where ever my existing OS was. Is there any way I can migrate the OS to my SSD where it belongs?

Image transfer the OS partition to the SSD, make sure it's the primary drive in the boot order in bios.

many programs to do the image transfer, I would use myself.

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What's your partition set up? you don't just have your hard drive as one big block do you?

Whenever I install any OS, I disconnect all the other drives first.

I know this is closing the gate after the horses have run away, but try that trick next time.

As @Dangerdog suggested, Macrium can probably transfer the image.

I also like to use EaseUS Partition Master for those tasks and other things.

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I'll give this a shot, thanks

Might seem like a noob question but if I find a program got installed to my SSD and I'd rather it be on my HDD can I just move it over to the HDD without causing any problems?

Would depend on the program but most Windows programs make adjustments to the system registry and those settings will be broken by just moving the program. You'll most likely need to reinstall.