Win10 system restart on wake up

Yay! Another Win10 troubleshooting thread! So suprise! Much unexpected! Very sarcasm! Wow!

Ok, so here's the problem. Sometimes when I put my computer to sleep I come back in a few hours and when I tab my keyboard to wake it up, it starts to... then insta-dies and essentially cold boots, BIOS screen and everything. No idea why. As per normal, event viewer doesn't say much. Event 41. Unexpected shutdown. That's about it.

Mobo: GA-990FXA-UD5 (never had problems with it before, other than that weird double startup from cold boots while overclocked)
CPU: FX-6300 (never had problems with my overclock)
GPU: GTX 760
RAM: GSkillz 16GB 1660 or something MHz
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Gold+ simi modular

I do believe this to be a software specific problem in the OS. I mean, it's Windows... Let me know of any info I need to give for troubleshooting.

EDIT: I should go ahead and mention one thing. Windows has always been error/warning prone for me. Win7, 8, 10, doesn't matter. Errors like "The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load..." or "unable to start a DCOM server." I have literally hundreds, maybe a few thousand of those DCOM errors, which I've read has to do with firewalls. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the OS freaking out because I hacked the registry so it wouldn't send Micro$oft my pr0n records :P

So yeah, I think it's entirely software. Like I said, it's Windows. I always get errors/warnings, even on fresh installs.

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How much space do you have for hibernation files ? I for the most part just turn the stuff off to avoid any issues with sleep / hibernate .

I wouldn't know the answer to that. It's on a 225GB SSD that's only about half full. But I'm assuming there's some specific settings I'd have to dig into. I hadn't thought about the sleep settings, you might be onto something there.

EDIT: not even half full. More like 22% lol

I have seen people who never have a problem with sleep/hibernate but i am not one of those. :)

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I've dug around and turned off hybrid sleep. Anything else I should look at? This'll probably be one of those use-it-normally-to-test kind of things. So I expect to have to draw out this thread for a few days so I get it performing naturally. I find that trying to force a test yields inaccurate results. Computers are weird.

P.S. Is your avatar the yellow orbs from the Devil May Cry series?

gif from somewhere :) I am not a fan of sleep/ hibernate/ hybrid sleep. Cool in concept when it works correctly. I really could not explain to you how to make it work correctly as i am in the habit of just turning it off. Password protect lock screen use low power states on the system to reduce power consumption.

It's the last update they did. As I mentioned in another thread, I had to stop using Chrome because it was crashing my computer for no reason. It's really annoying that MS can't get their shit together. I've got the same sleep issues as you, too

Are you certain there is no blue screen of death before/during the reboot?

No, because the monitor doesn't fully wake back up/turn on before it goes into the reboot. But, that being said, I've never known a BSOD to pop up for 3ish seconds and then the comp die. Usually BSODs stick around and you manually reset the comp.

It depends on whether or not it is set to reboot on system failure. I think windows is set to reboot after a bluescreen by default. Fast computers can sometimes reboot before you see the message. You are probably right, but if there is a bluescreen it could make it a lot easier to figure out. Disabling auto reboot is pretty much the same as previous versions of windows.

All the event log errors kind of freak me out, honestly. Are you getting lots of them consistently? Can you tell how many happened in the last for last hour/day/week? Having thousands over the lifetime a system that is a few years old would not be that strange. I'm guessing if there is anything useful in the whole mess it would probably be the last message before the Event 41.

Also, you could look in advanced power settings under 'Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings' and change whether or not individual components are put to sleep. If you have reason to suspect a video card or hard drive or whatever you can disable sleep mode for some components.

I've already looked into some of the power settings. As far as the event viewer, no, like I said it doesn't say much. There was event 41, but nothing telling before or after that. So I'm unsure what the cause was.

As for those hundreds of errors, they're all the exact same thing:
Unable to start a DCOM Server: {9AA46009-3CE0-458A-A354-715610A075E6} as Unavailable/Unavailable. The error:
Happened while starting this command:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\shell32.dll,SHCreateLocalServerRunDll {9aa46009-3ce0-458a-a354-715610a075e6} -Embedding

Hundreds of that exact error, happening over and over and over. Come to think of it... they haven't happened any today... and I havne't played Skyrim today... and they seem to have started about hte same time I started playing Skyrim... huh... gonna have to test this.

Let me ask you a question ? Are you configured in bios to reboot on error?

No. I've not messed with any such settings.

Might check it to see if it on or off. If it is on try turning it off and see if it throws you an error message the next time it happens

  1. disable "Automatic restart" on system failure to see any BSOD that may be occurring:
  2. if you believe software may be causing the hang/fail then try a Clean Boot:

My hunch is that on resume the system may be trying to use devices that are not yet ready to operate due to software of power states, but this is very hard to diagnose. Disable auto-restart-on-fail so that you can see the BSOD, it'll also perform a minidump of RAM, how useful that is I don't know.

Ha! Auto restart was enabled by default. I'll wait till the next time it reboots like that and I'll see what the BSOD says.

As for all those errors, I still need to test if Skyrim is causing them. My hunch is that it has something to do with all the mods I've installed. Many of them, such as TES5Edit, ENB, etc, have a complicated functionality, especially during installment, and it may be fiddling with the Windows firewall.

Always is under Windoze.
"What error? I see no fail here, u see fail? Y u say dis?"

Could be result of power draw by the grafx card exceeding what the PCIe socket has available at wake time; modern grafx cards are thirsty beats, what with being basically an entire computer system on a card that plugs into a motherboard like it's a daughterboard. Which is basically what is going on.

I saw a post where someone had a grafx card in a lesser PCIe socket; here it is, look for post "TheLastCanadian replied on January 12, 2016":

Not same issue, I know, but PCIe/grafx related.

yes lol

Let us know what happens with the reboot on failure disabled. Honestly since you mentioned you see errors even on a clean install of Windows, that tends to be indicative of some sort of hardware failure. Granted it could be software, but it may also be some sort of hardware failure, even if it's a secondary hard drive or something similarly small.

Well, what I meant by that was more of a comment about how "clean" Windows is in general. If you get brand new hardware and a fresh install of Windows and just start using it, you'll start getting errors and warnings creep up over time, even if no software damage has happened. I'm just saying that the code isn't perfect and if you look in anybody's event viewer history, you will find errors regardless of the machine or what it's used for.

I didn't mean getting a lot of errors on a fresh install. That error I pasted above that I've got hundreds of times now? I've actually never seen that happen before (on my or my father's computers that is). So yeah, that comment was just saying that I'm not a stranger to general use, minor bugs that happen now and then in Windows. Everybody has experience with that.