Win10 start menu randomly doesnt do shit

Win10 start menu randomly stops responding to mouse clicks, and I’m wondering if anyone here knows how to fix that, random, bug?

Getting kind irritating to just shut all programs or logout to be able to click .exe open

Should note that I have uninstalled Cortana, Apps, and Store, and its probably halting as Cortana cant send shit to space :man_shrugging:t2:

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You removed a core system component. This might be your issue.

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Workaround: Install Classic Shell.


Cortana is bolted on. As are the MS Apps thing and the Store.

Server2016 is fine without them and Win10 Educational only has Cortana (wich can be killed during initial installation).

I don´t think those are the causes.

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Had the same issue

sadly it took re-enabling cortana using registry edits to make it go away

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Could you take a look using ProcessExplorer if Explorer.exe is hinged on Cortana.exe?

Yeah, Cortana can’t be disabled completely as the same executable is also used for local filesystem searches. Depending on how you did it, could break the start menu.

Worst case scenario, install win10 on top of itself. Microsoft did a good job with that, and it won’t affect your data or program configurations at all.

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And it is the worst, slowest and most annoying “use edge” search in history (including the dog in winXp

Disagree, windows 8 was worse!

ONce i had a problem in windows 10 where my only half of my taskbar showed up!,
The rest of the taskbar started showing up slowly after minutes …as if it was downloading lol

Try disabling Windows 10 Fast Startup if you haven’t already.

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I had this problem several times in the past, always required a different “fix”, so I am not sure if it works now. Unfortunately the original dll hack/fix on microsofts own support page does not work any more. The last time I had this problem, changing to a local user account fixed the issue.

Do you use the microsoft account user or do you have a local only user account?

(Usually I don’t like to be snarky but when I contacted microsoft support about this problem about two years ago, after a few minutes they told me I had to reinstall the OS -facepalm-. To be fair, I did not have any big problems since then.)

Yeah, last time I checked uninstalling Cortana and OneDrive did not do sh**. It was there again after a few reboots.

Classic shell is depreciated now but there’s a fork that is receiving love. Its going by open shell these days.

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It still works fine. I’m using it on my work machine out of laziness, but its not getting updates which could be a security concern.

Did the menu problem begin before, or after the October surprise … er … update.

I really dont know its just been around :roll_eyes:

and when writing this topic I was also struggling with these stupid Adobe controls, and menu AGAIN not working made me lit a bit like: …why? WTF! FOR FUCKS SAKE! WHY!?

and I’m atm going through whats been suggested

I thought I had fixed this but its back again for me as well

I think I might just do a clean install

had two blue screens in the last week and that has got me a little worried