Win10 craps on startup - Nighthawk 3200mhz RAM

Finally got all the upgrades to my system and put it together today. Everything worked fine out of the box (other than my new Windows product key not being accepted)… until I tried to get my Nighthawk 3200mhz 2x8GB RAM to, well, actually run at 3200mhz.

The motherboard I’m running is the Axrock ROG Strix x370-F with a Ryzen 2700x CPU.

So here’s how it happens; if I leave the RAM to auto in the BIOS, it sets it to 2400 and boots perfectly fine. If I set it to the DDR4-3200 profile, it boots, but as soon as the BIOS hands things over to Windows, it craps at the log-in screen. Specifically, I get a BSOD with an error saying win32kfull.sys failed. I am still double checking drivers, but I had thought I got everything installed.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might have an answers as to what’s happening.

P.S. This is unrelated, but if anyone knows if iKross has a download for their G1 gaming mouse driver, a link would be super appreciated. I can’t find the CD to put it on this new system :frowning:

I would say run a memtest to see if the ram is actually stable at those settings. You may have to play with the timings to get them stable at that speed.