Win Any Game You Want on Steam (Thanks Digital Storm)

Digital Storm is awesome and they think our community is awesome. So, they have decided to give away one game per week on Steam. Here is how you enter: 



Winners will be chosen by random and they will be able to pick any game on Steam that they like that is valued at $60 or less and we will gift it to them. 

Best of luck. Also, let us know what you think of Digital Storm's systems in the comments below.

Check them out: Digital Storm: Custom Gaming Computers & Gaming PCs


I'm so sorry.

Yeah Digital Storm is pretty legit.

Please for your own good delete those comments.

so sick

Very clean systems.  Most manufacturers seem to be going a little crazy with their cases but these systems are sleek without the craziness a lot of others have.  I may be in a minority here, but I prefer a more simplistic design with clean lines.

I have to agree with you.  Their systems look great and are very well put together.  The price is a little higher than some, but you get what you are paying for with them.

I'm the same, my parents bought a Dell XPS, and it looks very sleek and avoids looking crazy, which I like.

Of course, Dell have always been this way, and it's good to see a PC building company which isn't uber serious still have decent (not over the top) designs.

I love the look of their cases, I actually wish they would sell cases sometime in the future. 

I can't really buy rigs from them since I live in a place where shipping and customs bullcarp is too strong.

Here's to hoping for a welcome addition to my steam library. XD


They're laptops seem a little pricey compared to a more reputable laptop brands such as Asus and MSI.


They remind me of SingularityComputers: Clean, Cutting Edge, and Professional. 


Really cool!

Just got new hardware so would love a new game, but I digress, digital storm is indeed one of the best quality product providers out there. Recently my dad got a lance laptop,( I believe) and he loves it, I personally haven't owned any of there products but would recommend requardless, as iv heard great things about them

I wouldn't mind a new game :P

Entered for all the Viking Glory!

If I were to buy instead of build this would be my choice. These guys are legit artisans in the PC market and have their own indie vibe to them. They're probably the most professional community involved company that I know of.

My e-mail has already been used to login to gleam so I have to use facebook? Anyone else get this?

cool idea guys....i hope people can get some good games.

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