Win a OnePlus One Invite

If you want an invite (courtesy of Arun) post here. I will use a random number generator to pick a winner in a few hours.

Let's make it a question... What is your favorite OR least favorite thing on

The fact that there are no pants.. But besides that, nothing.

I luv u bb doll.


The WASD Shirt.

I like that there is finally a face palm shirt! Also just the overall site is wonderful

my favorite thing is the vinyl decal, one day im going to get one for my laptop. least favorite thing shipping cost :( but i understand. 

definitely the keycaps

No pants needed nor sold here. I already have the phone and love it. If I get the invite it will be given to my friends. Personally I would love a blazing earth mug, the last glass I ordered met the floor with an unfortunate result.

Least favorite: Face Palm Shirt

The design is great, I just wouldnt wear it personally.

My favorite Item would defiantly have to be the Cherry MX key Caps with the Burning earth. :)

I dig the keycaps, and beer mugs.  I'm a sucker for novelties. 


I have an extra invite that im willing to spare


Favorite: Keycaps and vinyl decal (if only it was available in black to contrast on my Shinobi White).

Least favorite: Black Metal Logo shirt.

My favorite items are the keycaps

My favourite item would have to be the tulip snifter. One of the few sorts of drinking glasses I don't own yet

I love how easy it use on a mobile device. On a lot of different shops I always find myself scrolling left and right l, and zooming in and out to see things. I never have to do that with And that new face palm shirt kicks ass

The Face Palm shirt is hilarious XD! However I'd say my favorite are the burning earth logo, specifically the jacket.

My favourite thing is the Highlander shirt. Truly wonderful.

Hoodies be the shit!

I love how the displays aren't the usual, backdrops that are completely the fact they are laid out on the ground, and are pretty unique.  Thanks for the hoodies' n mugs!