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What is your favorite indie game of all time?

From this video:

My favorite indie game of all time is antichamber!

Trine/Trine 2

Freddy got wait...Limbo!

journey- what a rifde

The Stanley parable for half life 2. I know it is not a stand-alone game, but it is my fav.

Oh man, what a difficult question. I'm gonna go with Super Meat Boy.

My favorite indie game would have to be Polarity, it's a puzzle game made for the ouya where you break into this super secure digital bank

Hotline Miami would be my favorite indie type game.


Gotta be Bastion although Antichamber was pretty mind blowing.

chivalry medieval warfare FTW!!!

Retro City Rampage, 8-bit violence is sooo awesome =w=

My favorite is Cave Story, hands down.

I'm REALLY liking Vladis Story, I also love Binding of Isaac. And I also really really like the multitude of beatmap games like Audiosurf/Osu!/Beatmania.

I would have to say Starbound is my favorite indie game of all time.

I haven't played Indie games for quite a while, but for me, my all time favourite would be Minecraft, I had plenty of great moments playing that online with friends and meeting new people is something I haven't got from any other game.

Mine would be toy soldiers by signal studios. 

I'd have to agree with The Stanley Parable, just because it makes some interesting points about the gaming industry using hilarious dialogue. (although Cave Story and Minecraft are up there too)

Cave Story was sooooo awesome!