Win 8 sound problem please help

First and for most this forum has helped me with the building of my computer Thank you everyone

My specs are on my profile if needed

I have my tv being used as my monitor and sound is coming from hdmi cable from graphics card

I just purchased a headset the turtle beach x12

I had trouble getting the sound to work on headphones microphone works fine

I set it as my default device now no tv sound

I couldnt find a solution on google to have audio play from both sources

Knowing how smart the users are here please help me find a solution to be able to play from bout audio sources

If you need any more info or screen shots please ask ill reply asap

Thank you

Does the sound play out the tv without the headphones plugged in? If it does then its most likely the headsets problem, you could try some different headphones and if they dont work. well it could be the audio jack at the front of the case, so try the rear ports. If that doesnt work then it could be audio drivers or the motherboard itself.

This is just what i think it would be.I had a problem with windows 8 my sound would randomlmy play out my monitor and then on my headphones. turned out it was my pc case.Hope i could help.

im plugged into my rear jacks i coulp plug into tv but i feel i shouldnt have to do that im looking for a solution to keep me from having to switch defaul devices every time its annoying

Still no solution?