Win 8 product key for Win 10

I just bought a 250gb Samsung 850 evo and will be using that as my boot drive. When I first built my pc I used windows 8.1, but recently I upgraded it to windows 10. So my question is that if I do a clean install of windows onto my new ssd, can I still use the product key from my windows 8.1 now turned 10 copy key?

should be no problem.

Ok and then how should I go about removing windows from my old mechanical drive.(Will still be used for general data)

well if you start the installation, you get disk options.
you can there select your mechnanical hard drive, and just click on advanced options, and then format.
The drive will now be formatted.

you go back and then select the SSD, and continue the installtion on the SSD.

Ok thanks!

Clone the mechanical to SSD. After successfuly doing that format mechanical drive. Then do clean install on SSD afterwards. Safer in case something goes wrong you don't lose everything.

I would but I do not have enough space on the ssd for that.

NO no no!

Warning. I did a clean install of Windows 10 after I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1 (clean meaning complete install from an ISO disc image) and it kept asking for a Windows 10 key and to activate. Only way to get this key is if you buy it at $99 or $199. I called Microsoft and the only way to upgrade with the key recognizing is that I had to reinstall Windows 8.1 and then right afterwards (knowing 8.1 was activated) install Windows 10 and do the upgrade again and pick "Do Not Keep Any files". Then my Windows 10 was activated.

Now I did this all on the same SSD that I already had. Just thinking how you are going to move over to a new SSD and keep everything. Unless I missing the picture entirely.

Thats odd, does that count for pro versions aswell?
Would be stupid if you could not do a clean install with an legit iso and key.

Yes that goes for Windows 10 Pro. You can only get Windows 10 or 10 Pro to activate when you've upgraded from a previous OS that was already activated. To get 10 and 10 pro keys specifically you have to pay.

Just for the record, my ssd came today(Finally) and after calling Microsoft, you do indeed have to install Windows 8 first then upgrade to windows 10. You really would think that Microsoft would have thought of this, but o well.

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So that means i was wrong.
Anyway its basicly realy stupid Microsoft! lol.

This is what I remember;

You can only install Windows 8.1 with your Windows 8.1 product key.
After you upgrade to Window 10 (the Microsoft way), you can go to some settings and see the new Windows 10 product key. This is the key you can use to reinstall Windows 10 whenever and however you want..