Win 7 Watermark

Ok so i have a unregistered Windows 7(home premium). I have removed WAT countless times but the watermark refuses to leave. anyone know how i can get it to leave? It's really annoying for me because i HAVE to have a clean desktop or i go insane and that watermark is bugging the **** out of me. If you can post ideas it be greatly appriciated! :D

buy a legit key

You can probably just buy windows. Or use windows loader. Up to you, really.

I didn't know about window loader. It works great and i don't have that pesky watermark anymore! Thanks guys!

I never had a issue with DAZ windows loader.

Of course if possible you should buy whatever windows you want installed.

i put a guide up on this a few weeks ago but a couple of wet folks got really upset about it so i pulled it but you gotta wonder aint you?

Make sure your antivirus is not making it a Trojan. This happened to me on my old PC. :)

Why is nobody saying Linux?

Linux..there it is

Btw where do u live?

IN sweden w7 cost like 800kr, 130 usd.. but what i know is that everything is cheaper in usa hehe

trilogy 4.2 works great for me

and swedish dude that's pretty much the same price over here.

I felt kinda bad using the windows 7 loader as it was a good product from microsoft for once, ended just buying it. Now windows 8 is a different story......

just google: remove windows 7 watermark

Grab the DAZ loader, purchase a legitimate key or install Gentoo.