Win 7 vs Win 8

Hey fourm! Building a new PC and wanted to get everybody's opinion on which is better for a desktop computer build? Windows 7 or Windows 8? Using the computer primarily for gaming and some video editing here and there. :D Thanks!

If you have a touchscreen then definitely windows 8.

Otherwise it's all dependant on whether or not you like the metro thingy. If you don't, get windows 7 I guess.

No real reason to buy windows 8, it's a poorly designed monstrosity, with no worthwhile features that are not present in windows 7, unless you have touch.

I'm just using a standard LED monitor for the rig. I'm torn because I hear that Windows 8 has a lot of speed and performance enhancements, but Windows 7 is a familiar boat.

i've heard of faster boot times, but besides that i'm unaware of any preformance incresses, i've also heard some gamers complaining about games not supporting it, then again some gamers love it and are never going back

for gaming go win7 although i use win8, i found that win7 has more compatability with most games since its been out for a while, win8 on the other hand is fast and if the missing start buttton doesn't bother you then its pretty good although some older games do have problems running on win8.

Well this is a mixed bag of opinions. What would say Windows 8 with Start8 vs Windows 7 be like? Say if Windows 8 had a start menu would would you say about it?

i am not saying i don't like win8 i do like it but there seems to be so much hate going towards it because of the missing start, there are other alternate options to a start button check out logan's win8 video for more insight 

Win 8 is a bit faster but not really noticiably i would go with the one that tickels your fancy

So torn... lol

I decided Windows 8. Faster boot times, better detailed task manager, the works. I'll use that with Start8 to disable Metro and use soley the desktop :D

It boots a lot faster, for sure. If you go Win8, you'll feel stuck because you don't know how to manipulate the OS as well in the first week or so, but I'm sure you'll get used to it and it will only get smoother as they release updates and paches. I plan on getting a logitech touchpad just to use all the gestures on win 8 instead of using my mouse to drag shit from the corners and edges. 

after playing around with my new windows 8 tablet, i've noticed windows 8 treats you much more like a user, and considerably less like an admin

for most computer users don't really care, but for a poweruser who wants unadulterated unrestricted access, it's simply unacceptable

If windows 8 had a start menu I wouldn't mind it AS much. Still Windows 7 fo days. 8 Is a bitch to mod and mess around in the menus with.

I like Windows 8. I was the first (of my buddies) to jump on the Win8 train when it came out. Everyone was sceptic until they saw it in action on my PC. Now most of them have Windiws 8 Pro. All of 'em satisfied.

My friend has a Windows 8 laptop he let me tinker with. It's a pain in the ass to get the feature set from Windows 7 that I was acustomed to. (Start Menu, Gadgets, Etc.) I'm still torn between the two OSs, however.