Win. 7 vs 8 vs 8.1 benchmark - interesting outcome


So i just instaled windows 8.1 and just out of curiosity i googled benchmark test for diffrent windows OS. And the video i watched ( it has a intesting outcome. What do you think about it.

Good vid mate. Yeah interesting 8.1 certainly is affected due to its infancy i think, im sure the bugs will get ironed out soon though.

I personally couldn't go back to Win 7, Win 8 with classic shell is king in my books. Very fast and smooth as you say. I also found that there is better backwards compatibility with older software pre win7 with win8.

Keep up the vids man.  :-)

Thanks for the reply but i didn't make the video. But yeah i agree windows 8 or 8.1 with startisback IMO and you really cant go back.

Windows 8 and 9.1 are banned from benchmarking, really. Benchmarks done on them are wrong. 

Thanks for the reply. One of the comments said something like that where a minute isnt a minute.

basically, the faster your overclock, the faster the PC thinks time is moving.

yeah, it uses a software clock instead of the hardware's real time  clock which is usually powered by the mainboard battery. this is because win 8 was created with the idea of it being on embeded systems that didnt have RTC's.