Win 7 freezing for a sec? help... please

I have got a new pc, and i have a had a graphics griver error. i fixed that but i am now geting some weird frezing error, what happens is i might be going to open a file in windows movie maler live or opening a file in jmc20bj or other applacations and then it will just freeze up for a sec but what happens is if im playing music the music will just play that beat constantly && if im in a skype call it is mute from what i can tell. the way i get out of it is with alt+ctrl+del but still yet it will freeze for a nother 3-15 ish seconds. and last piece of info is the freeze time is  12-40 seconds ish. 


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I've had similar problems if the hard drive windows is on isn't connected properly. You might want to just check the connections, unplug them and then plug them back in. See if that helps.