Win 10 running a Win10 VM - Audio Latency

I have a situation where I need to use a piece of software for (Video Conferencing) that I really don’t trust. So I started a VirtualBox with Windows10 on my Windows 10 machine. everything works fine but I’m having an issue with the audio lagging really bad. I have to disable and enable the audio device on the VM to reset it every now and then when it stopped working. I’ve seen your videos on video passthrough, is there a way to do this with the audio? Probably a super noob question but this is the first place I thought of to ask. This is the first VM I set up everything was going smooth… Thank you to anyone who may have an answer for me… Aside from not using the software and convincing the group to use something… better.

doubtfully with virtualbox;

you can try installing virtualization from windows like hyper-v ~ maybe you won’t have issues there.
You can also try trial versions of vmware.