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Win 10 acpi.sys BSOD bootloop


Well my buddy today uninstalled Avast and turned windows defender on and updated his graphics card driver and then reset his P.C. to be greeted with this

He did this so he could play Forza 3. Well now his P.C. won't even boot. Anyone know of a good way to fix this. I have tried everything i could think of and this video I cannot get this system to boot. I have tried booting recovery media and going to command prompt and running chkdsk /f and sfc /scannow and neither of those fixed it and i have also tried to reseting/refreshing the P.C. and it gets to 3% and encounters an error and fails. I have also tried booting into a win installation drive and doing everything i listed above again and no luck. There aren't any system restore points or back ups and doing the start up repair doesn't work either... I am stumped. Should i just reinstall windows? anyone have any other ideas?


Anyone think that this one would fix it?


kind of a long shot but you could replace the acpi.sys manually and see if that works. just need a working copy of windows that are running close to the same updates.

errors like these can be hard to fix.