Win 10 a little unstable with Nvidia and AMD GPU drivers

I had some BSOD issues with Win 10 during gaming tonight. 5x my PC crashed without clearly defining the reason why except it seemed the video was freezing up so I looked up the errors and found that Win 10 seems to be having some driver issues with gpus..

I had to roll back the latest drivers to a much older one from last year for things to stabilize, I am wondering if anyone else has had these issues with their drivers on win 10?

why are you running nvidia and amd drivers

ive been running windows 10 for ages with almost always the latest beta AMD drivers and ive had no problems

I used to get the issue "The driver stopped responding but recovered" errors from time to time on Win7, whilst on Win10 I don't get that issue anymore (Same hardware)

I am not running both on one machine I have just observed some instability on 2 different machines.

Yes this is the error I was getting on my desktop with the AMD card, it seemed to have been fixed when I rolled back the driver.

things you may want to try:
* pci-e slot config / mode
some moterboards only give you full pci-e bandwidth in a specific slot or are factory set to a slower speed. you should be able to tell by looking in your bios. pci-e speed settings of 8x+ are needed for some games.

  • underclocking
    if this fixes it your drivers are likely crashing due to a power or heat issue.

  • testing another psu
    if your psu is relitively old it might be on it's last leg you can normally tell by the sound it makes underload

  • testing power from the wall
    if your pc is on the same line as a air unit/heater then the voltage drop from it running could cause a crash.

  • disableing security software
    a lot of real time antivirus software can be resource intensive.