Will those PC prats handle all software needs of the select editing programs ,media, Video game too!

 Computer  parts choice for. A lot editing Sound recording / Sound edit , recording /editing Music  Editing, Modeling, rendering on 3D, 2D and mix of 2D and 3D media of film, cartoon 2d and 3d,live action film photo editing , digital drawing comic editing  and video game  Projects and playing and test video games , work/ study , Gaming . Media/steaming . Also MY personal  desktop work situation/Gaming!  Plan to get Desktop parts from:  newegg  Amazon.and  form the Manufacturer them self’s too!  ( With USA currency cash) Plan to overclock Mid range-High rang overclock loud and time!


(1)    Intel Core i7-4930K Ivy Bridge E-6-Core  ( Turbo 4 Ghz) LGA 2011 130W Desktop Processor



(2)    ASUS P9X79-E WS LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6G/s USB 3.0 SSI CEB Intel Mother board (ATX SIZE)


(3)    Cooler Master Comos 2-Ultra Tower Computer Case width Meal Body and Hinged side panel


(4)    WD BLACK 4TB-WD 4003 PZEX 1400 SATA 6 Gb/s 64 MB Cache ( Four of them)


(5)    Vantec HAD-S2P ”3.5” to 5.25 “Front Bay Converter Kit ( Two of them)


(6)    Crucial M500 CT 960M 500SSDI Tmm( with 9.5 mm adapter) 2.5”960 GB SATAIII MLC  internal Solid state Drive( SSD) ( Four of them)


(7)    G.Skill Rip Jaws Z Serries 64 GB (8X8 GB) 240-Pin DDR-SDRAM/DDR3 1333 CPC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model  F-3-10666 CL9 Q-2-64 GBZL


(8) Evga 06 G-P4-3793-KR Geforce GTX Titan Black Super clocked signature 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support Video Card ( Two of  them in SLI)


(9) NETGEAR T 8000-100 NAS Night Hawk X6 AC3200 Tri Band Gigabit Wirless Router    


(10)ASUS Black 12XBD-R2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R12X DVD-RAM-8X-BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA Blu-ray Bruner BW-12B IST/ BLK/G/AS


(11)Cooler Master V8 GTS - High Performance CPU Cooler with Horizontal Vapor Chamber and 8 Heatpipes- I don’t know why cooler master have add the word 8 heatpipes? But is a CPU cooler fan on sell on newegg


(12)Cooler master Sleeve Bearing 120mm Silent Fan far Computed Cases/EPU and Radiators( Value 4) In pack


(13) Cooler Master Mega flow 200-Sleeve Bearing 200 mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases (Black)


(14) Noctua NF-A14FLX 140mm Case fan


(15)Arctic Silver Stigh-Density Poly synthetic Silever Thermal Compound AS 5-3.5 6-OEM


(16)Logitech Mk120 Black USB wired sim Desktop


(17)Razer Kraken 7.1 Pc&PS4 Surround USB over EAR Gaming Headset


(18)Blue –Microphones-Yeti


(19) Logitech Z 506.75 watts RMS  5.1 Surround Sound  (speakers)


(20)Microsoft Windows  8.1 Pro- Full Version (32 & 64-bit)


(21)Symautec Norton 360-2014-3pc


(22)Syamtec Norton Internet Security 2014-3 PCS


(23)Asus Ve 278Q Black 271/1920 X 1080 2ms full HD HDMI LED BACK light LCD 300 cd/m2 ASCR 10,000,00:1 ( Monitors)


(24)Asus Xonar D Gx5.1 channel 24-bit 96LHz PCI Express x Interface Gaming Audio Card


software Edit  work/progaram

I plan use on the setup


Sony Vegas 2014


Blender 2.7 or Autodesk 3D max 2014

Adobe programs

Photoshop CS7




Acrobat X Pro

Story Plus

Gaming SDK

In copy

Microsoft word

Microsoft power piont

Windows media center



Some vedio Game i have in mind!

Steam,  FreeFaclcon 5.0, Richard brands rally, Need for most wanted 2005, 2012, Iracing

rfactor, Mecha worrior online, need for hot pursuit 2002 and 2010, Need for speed carbon

 Grid, Grid Auto sport , a lot more video games  may get in future as well!


well it looks good, but why a GTX780 and a Quadro card?

i know the quadro is for graphic design work, but why not a Titan Black, with 6GB vram instead of those 2 cards?

The only thing i want to mention, is that Sony Vegas realy likes open CL. so for sony vegas in particular, AMD cards are better, but yeah, blender works on cuda so for that you want Nvidia.

I plan to use the GTX780 for gaming application! But want to have an Nvidia Quadro card for Editing and cratering  3D and 2D character's  models , maps, code,video game,also cartoons and rendering video too!     

You should wait till september launch of x99 - even you you dont want the x99 platform the prices of older socket 2011 gear should fall.

And also MisteryAngel knows her shit - either just get a Titan and run one card - or look at a viable AMD option depending on your program requirements

Thank you !

Sorry I I did't read the full comment of MisteryAngel sorry for miss unstand! But I been up all night get the final prats in a list! Tell her I sorry for miss reading her comment! vandal85

I look in Titan card for editing as well AMD option, But I hear AMD Firepro card don't work well on Adobe Photoshop!


I should log out out now!

Thanks for the info!

Hey I did't say she did't Not know her shit! And oh Secondhand are in relationship with her, Because you come at me as i offended her when I wasn't!  And oh third hand  I like get Two Titan Black GTX!  

Nobody is offending anyone, dont worry

Well quadro cards offcourse have some point for graphic design and autocad, they are professional grade cards, drivers are a bit diffrent, and the cards have ECC Vram.

But still in my opinnion, especialy cause you are a gamer aswell, i think that the Titan Black is a better choice overall.

But offcourse the GTX780 + Quadro could be an idea, if you realy feel the need for those extra professional grade feutures of the quadro. The biggest question only will be how good will those 2 cards work in one system, with 2 diffrent driver sets.. i think that could be a pain in the ass. Thats why i was thinking about the Titan Black.

Most applications you listed will work well on Cuda, however like i said, sony vegas realy loves open CL, so for sony vegas a AMD card would be better. But Adobe software allways worked very well with CUDA, adobe recently also adopted open cl, to theire applications, so that makes both nvidia and amd cards, suitable for theire applications. But yeah Blender is CUDA all the way, so i think Nvidia is your better choice, based on the program list.

I Thank you for expert opinion on the Titan Black card , Quadro card ,GTX780  also on Amd card, and each applications that talk to card programming Languages too!