Will this Xeon work with this Mobo?



Just a quick question, I know that Xeons don't work with all boards, with that one work with this one?


According to Biostar's CPU support page for that mobo, it does not officially support Xeon CPUs.

It should be fine, but I did look it up and I found this website that says it is compatible


It should work. That being said I'd try and get the 1230V3. It isn't too much more and then you get hyperthreading

well first i wanne say about the mobo, why do you look for biostar? to be honnest, its just like ECS not realy the best quality.

Why do you look at the Xeon 1220V3? this is just an i5, 4cores 4 threads.

I would personaly look for Xeon E3-1230V3 which is basicly an i7, 4 cores 8 Threads. for just a few bucks more.

Thanks for all your help guys. Ibam going to go with the different processor. mmysteryangle, I went with that main board because a client needed a low cost solution, and it was cheep with decent reviews.

Good call Angel and if you what a really good motherboard. And don't mind spending a bit more I would go with the B85 Vanguard from Asus. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-motherboard-vanguardb85 

I think for the extra money its worth it. Its part of the Asus Tuf boards. You get 10K caps good alloy chokes and a 5 year warrenty.