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Will this WWAN work with Thinkpad T25?


I just ordered a WWAN card for my T25 (Thinkpad 25 Annervisary Edition) but I’m not sure if it’s going to work because I read some people saying that only order Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7455 with FRU 01AX746. The one that I ordered has a different FRU 00JT547. Will this work? or should I order the one with the correct FRU?

Please respond as soon as possible so I have time to cancel my order if it’s not going to work.




I don’t know if this is the complete list, but a seller of the card listed compatible laptops and the 25th ani wasn’t listed.

But I did find this information on the Lenovo forums.

em7455 FRU 01AX746 and 01AX748 are the same modems, both support ThinkPads on Intel CPU 6th & 7th generations. Initially modems had a bit different compatibility lists with different TP generation models. But it looked more like as confusion since the modem’ FRUs are interchangeable (substitutes, in terms of Lenovo support site). No one of them is better or worse. They have just different Sierra’ SKUs.

As noted above, ThinkPads on Intel CPU 6th generation (x1 yoga gen1 is an example) support both 01AX746 and 01AX748, as well previous revisions of this modem with FRU 00JT542, 00JT545, 00JT547, 00JT549, depending on the laptop model (actually, any FRU from this list will work, their difference might relate to certification in some countries).



Yeah this is what I found too. I think I will try and then update this.